In ContaKids, by working with the body, movement and physical contact, parents and children develop a new physical form of communication, which is enjoyable for both; children enhance and improve their motor skills and self-confidence and parents develop a sense of trust in their child and themselves.

7 days course- 50 hours- given by Itay Yatuv

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As initial part of the registration, please send us your motivation letter & CV writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Moderne Dans Maastricht/ Seetrue opleidingen en trainingen
Duitsepoort 13 A, 6221 VA Maastricht
The Netherlands

We offer an option to sleep at the dojo (training place).
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Course Description

The Teacher Training will be mainly without children but we will organise two seperate sessions where we invite local parents and children for a Contakids class.

Training content
• Theoretical studies: background of the method's development, objectives and pedagogy, development and dynamics of a ContaKids class, dynamics facing parents and/or children, case studies.
• Practical studies: movement classes (floor work, contact improvisation), learning/practicing ContaKids exercises (instructions and safety emphasis).
• Observing ContaKids classes.
• Apprentice teaching and simulations.
• Child development
• Presence and group activation workshop.
• Starting point- marketing and reaching out with a ContaKids course.

Further benefits
• Private link to instructive videos of ContaKids exercises.
• Certificate of an authorized ContaKids teacher.

Itay Yatuv
Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, Itay has been practicing and teaching CI worldwide for 13 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel. Choreographing independently for the last 10 years, Itay has been leading international projects of improvisational performances. Itay has been training in Aikido for the last 6 years, a practice he integrates into his CI research. In the last few years Itay has been conducting CI workshops for little children and their parents and developing the ContaKids method.

• Obligatory
1. Vast background in movement/ dance/ contact improvisation.
2. A letter of motivation to participate in the course + CV

• Advantage
1. Background in physical activity teaching.
2. Background in working with children.

Parents' feedbacks

"Since Ben's sister was born, there was this natural division of 'Ben is on father' and 'Daniela is on mother'. The ContaKids classes allow Ben and I mutual time together, in which he can be more 'on mother' and it affects very much our physicality at home, and that's great!"

"Roni always loved to climb on me and we used to play around in many way. Now, after the course, I feel that I rely on her more when she's high on me, I feel I'm less 'worried' about her. I also discovered a new side in Roni which wasn't familiar for me before. She's very open in the class, she is more free in a way which is not 'like' her."